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Democrats Working Together

Donald Trump has been selected presidential candidate in the Republican primary and it looks like Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary.  Since Bernie Sanders has run such a robust primary against Hillary Clinton and came in so close as a second-place candidate, he’s going to have to be offered a job for his work in talking about what is wrong with Wall Street and the big investment banks.  A good job would be working as Secretary in the Treasury Department because of the young students who are so infatuated with him because of the pain of not being able to get student loans through their small local banks.

The Dodd-Frank Bill, which the Democrats passed after the Republican Bush-Cheney Administration and the 2008 financial crisis and the $700 billion TARP bank bailout, just didn’t get the job done because of the big banking lobbyists put huge amounts of pressure on the politicians to weaken or either get rid of any regulations at all because that’s what the Republican Congress and presidential candidates campaigned on.

The presidential debates must talk about solutions to Wall Street and the big investment banks like Bernie Sanders talked about and got so much support on.  I understand that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want to tax the hedge fund dealers, which is a great start but the one that even wants to regulate them, is a must if they are going to get the job done because they are filling our big investment banks around the country but mainly in New York, with worthless, toxic derivatives, which have no proven value as an asset like gold and silver and other commodities on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which trades commodities and derivatives.  They are the biggest derivatives traders in the world.

Our banking system used to be safe, when they had the Glass-Steagall Act, which was in force for approximately 60 years, until President Bill Clinton repealed it, along with help from the Republican Congress and the big bank lobbyists.

I never could have become a successful dairy farmer without help from FHA (Farmers Home Administration) in getting a loan with terms that were set at ten percent down and five percent interest, which were favorable to me and FHA.

Since then, the banking system has gotten so corrupt because of subprime loans and all the movies made about them.  The young people being hurt today must be heard.  If Bernie Sanders doesn’t make compromise with Hillary Clinton now, it will cost the Democratic Party the election.

LaVern Isely, Progressive, Overtaxed, Independent Middle Class Taxpayer and Public Citizen Member and USAF Veteran


About tim074

I'm a retired dairy farmer that was a member of the National Farmer's Organization (NFO). Before going farming, I spent 4 years in the United States Air Force where I saved up enough money to get my down payment to go farming. I also enjoy writing and reading biographies and I write about myself as well as articles and excerpts I find interesting. I'm specifically interested in finances, particularly in the banking industry because if it wasn't for help from my local Community Bank, I never could have started farming which I was successful at. So, I'm real interested in the Small Business Administration and I know they are the ones creating jobs. I have been a member of Common Cause and am now a member of Public Citizen as well as AARP. I have, in the past, written over 150 articles on the Obama Blog (my.barackobama.com) and I'd like to tie these two sites together. I'm also on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook and find these outlets terrifically interesting particularly what many of these people did concerning the uprising in the Arab world. I believe this is a smaller world than we think it is and my goal is to try to bring people together to live in peace because management needs labor like labor needs management. Up to now, that hasn't been so easy to find.
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