Letter to the Editor: Council Should Have Kept Things as They Were

The following is an article I had published in my local paper, The Monroe Times, on September 29, 2016 on page A4 titled “Council Should Have Kept Things as They Were” and I quote:

“9/28/2016 9:22:00 PM
Letter to the editor: Council should have kept things as they were

From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

I heard Sen. Bernie Sanders say on television a few weeks back that good government starts at City Hall and the local school board and works right on up. Since we don’t have a well-informed City Council in Monroe because they voted to get rid of every ward having their own alderperson and went for a system they call council at-large, where all the alderpersons could live, at the worst scenario, in one ward. Their excuse was they couldn’t get alderpersons to run in each ward.

My answer to that excuse is to pay them more, which now is approximately $3,000, raise that to $5,000, which would attract more people to run. You could easy pay for this by getting rid of the city administrator, who they pay $100,000 plus and his assistant. I believe you could get somebody to run for a full-time mayor who would do it for $50,000 and have an office at City Hall with stated hours.

Over 90 percent of the people I talked to liked the system we had and there’s no reason why we couldn’t vote for people that support the ward system and get back what we lost since that system has been around in Monroe since 1882. If you want problems solved, you have to have people living and working in the area they represent.

For example, I talked to a group of veterans, who had a meeting at Leisure Lanes when NBC had the Commander-in-Chief Forum. One of the veterans gave me a pin from the group IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) and who would know better than this veteran, who fought nine years in these two wars. I looked up this group on the computer and found out it looked like a great group of veterans that I wouldn’t mind being in, even though I didn’t serve at that time. They said any veteran could sign up. I signed up, and their numbers are growing.

If the presidential candidates want to know what is going on, they should talk to this group because, just like the Monroe City Council, I feel you have to deal with a veterans group or a local group where the problems are happening. I’m wearing their pin next to the Hillary pin when I’m walking around Monroe.”

(And things just keep getting worse. For example, Wells Fargo bank in California just paid a huge fine–$185 million. They found out that things are even bad in the other big investment banks, according to an investigation that Sen Elizabeth Warren and even on the Republican side, they are fed up that the lack of regulations is CAUSING THESE SERIOUS PROBLEMS.

LaVern Isely, Progressive, Overtaxed, Independent Middle Class Taxpayer and Public Citizen Member and USAF Veteran


About tim074

I'm a retired dairy farmer that was a member of the National Farmer's Organization (NFO). Before going farming, I spent 4 years in the United States Air Force where I saved up enough money to get my down payment to go farming. I also enjoy writing and reading biographies and I write about myself as well as articles and excerpts I find interesting. I'm specifically interested in finances, particularly in the banking industry because if it wasn't for help from my local Community Bank, I never could have started farming which I was successful at. So, I'm real interested in the Small Business Administration and I know they are the ones creating jobs. I have been a member of Common Cause and am now a member of Public Citizen as well as AARP. I have, in the past, written over 150 articles on the Obama Blog (my.barackobama.com) and I'd like to tie these two sites together. I'm also on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook and find these outlets terrifically interesting particularly what many of these people did concerning the uprising in the Arab world. I believe this is a smaller world than we think it is and my goal is to try to bring people together to live in peace because management needs labor like labor needs management. Up to now, that hasn't been so easy to find.
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