Enjoy Yourself Working Up the Ladder

Enjoy Yourself Working Up the Ladder

   When I vote today, November 8, 2016, I’m going to be using my VA card as identification because I will always be a veteran until I die but there is a good chance that I will not always have a drivers license.

When I enlisted in the Air Force two months before my 21st birthday, it was my first real job where I got a monthly paycheck and I thought that was great.  I saved up enough money in four years to go farming with help from the FHA [Farmers Home Administration] where at the time, they said you had to have ten percent down, which I had and I got it at a five percent interest rate, which I thought was real fair.

Since I didn’t have a high school education because I spent my time growing up on the farm, which I really enjoyed even though my pay was bad, I enjoyed the fact that the military gave me the opportunity to do what I thought I was really qualified to do.  If I would have had more education, I probably would have stayed in the Air Force but I didn’t, so at almost 25 years old, I decided to get married and go farming, which would be a great place to raise children if you had any.

I did my job well when I was in the military as well as when I was farming.  I worked my way right up the income ladder and I enjoyed doing it because I felt the faster you work up the ladder, the faster you are going to get the farm paid for.

In this election of 2016, I’m going to be voting for Hillary Clinton for president.  She is much better qualified than Donald Trump even though she didn’t serve in the military but neither did Donald Trump.  In fact, I understand he got five deferments.  The difference between the two is that Hillary Clinton pays her federal income tax and evidently, she’s not ashamed of it because she disclosed it as far back as 30 years.  Donald Trump has kept his a secret and the first presidential candidate to ever do this.

How can we have a strong military if people don’t want to pay their federal income tax as they work up the ladder to success, which should be everyone’s goal except Donald Trump?

LaVern Isely, Progressive, Overtaxed, Independent Middle Class Taxpayer and Public Citizen Member and USAF Veteran


About tim074

I'm a retired dairy farmer that was a member of the National Farmer's Organization (NFO). Before going farming, I spent 4 years in the United States Air Force where I saved up enough money to get my down payment to go farming. I also enjoy writing and reading biographies and I write about myself as well as articles and excerpts I find interesting. I'm specifically interested in finances, particularly in the banking industry because if it wasn't for help from my local Community Bank, I never could have started farming which I was successful at. So, I'm real interested in the Small Business Administration and I know they are the ones creating jobs. I have been a member of Common Cause and am now a member of Public Citizen as well as AARP. I have, in the past, written over 150 articles on the Obama Blog (my.barackobama.com) and I'd like to tie these two sites together. I'm also on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook and find these outlets terrifically interesting particularly what many of these people did concerning the uprising in the Arab world. I believe this is a smaller world than we think it is and my goal is to try to bring people together to live in peace because management needs labor like labor needs management. Up to now, that hasn't been so easy to find.
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