The Monroe Times: Letter to the Editor: It’s All In The Math

The following is an article I had published in my local paper, The Monroe Times, on December 28, 2016 in their “Letter to the Editor” column titled “It’s All In the Math” and I quote:

“Letter to the editor: It’s all in the math”

From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

The Republican Party is so dumb that they don’t even believe in keeping the Department of Education. They want to revert back to the various states and let them set their own standards. They are going backwards like the Muslims are with Boko Haram in Africa. They should be moving forward and setting a world standard, emphasizing arithmetic, reading and history because the most important subject is math and if you can’t explain it in math terms, nothing will ever work.

This is a good indicator of why Donald Trump probably won’t be a good president since he doesn’t want to show his federal income taxes and let the government and himself explain why he went bankrupt six times. It also reverts back to why he has so many investments around the world. Is his total wealth worth $10 billion or is he bankrupt? Because not all of his investments are paid for.

Up to now, Donald has been a master juggler and borrowed money, rushing in to pay down a growing debt. That’s why he’s saying publicly he will not divest which he totally must do, according to the experts, to be an honest president that shows he considers all the people he’s supposed to be working for as worthy individuals.

Every individual must be able to balance their books financially and they have to make more money than they spend because overall, you cannot operate your business like a payday loan. You also have to designate, as a president, what is a legal currency and that’s gold, silver, land and it could even be commodities but it definitely isn’t worthless, toxic derivatives or junk bonds and should not be allowed in the big investment banks which Sen. Bernie Sanders made a big issue out of when he ran for president.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren would also make a great presidential candidate in 2020 because she understands the issues. She knows we must keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s the backbone of the Dodd-Frank Bill. Sen. Warren also believes we should reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, as well as passing a financial transaction tax also known as the Robin Hood tax, which many countries in Europe use to regulate the stock market.

A fair federal income tax system, based on the ability to pay, that treats everyone fairly is a must.”

(It seems to me like the 99% are going to get persecuted all the way down starting out with creating a corrupt federal income tax system, getting rid of what medical coverage we do have for civilians and veterans and taking what regulations we do have on keeping an honest banking system worse and driving banking customers into the arms of Wall Street and other issues that will not be discussed because we have a one-party system.

LaVern Isely, Progressive, Overtaxed, Independent Middle Class Taxpayer and Public Citizen Member and USAF Veteran


About tim074

I'm a retired dairy farmer that was a member of the National Farmer's Organization (NFO). Before going farming, I spent 4 years in the United States Air Force where I saved up enough money to get my down payment to go farming. I also enjoy writing and reading biographies and I write about myself as well as articles and excerpts I find interesting. I'm specifically interested in finances, particularly in the banking industry because if it wasn't for help from my local Community Bank, I never could have started farming which I was successful at. So, I'm real interested in the Small Business Administration and I know they are the ones creating jobs. I have been a member of Common Cause and am now a member of Public Citizen as well as AARP. I have, in the past, written over 150 articles on the Obama Blog ( and I'd like to tie these two sites together. I'm also on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook and find these outlets terrifically interesting particularly what many of these people did concerning the uprising in the Arab world. I believe this is a smaller world than we think it is and my goal is to try to bring people together to live in peace because management needs labor like labor needs management. Up to now, that hasn't been so easy to find.
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