The Monroe Times: Letter to the Editor: All of Us Need Healthcare

The following is an article I had published in my local paper, The Monroe Times, of January 26, 2017 titled “All of Us Need Healthcare” and I quote:

1/25/2017 9:33:00 PM
“Letter to the editor: All of us need health care”

From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

Donald Trump is our 45th president. He gave a fair speech trying to make himself look good but he didn’t give a great speech because he didn’t say anything about what he was going to do to replace Obamacare. One of the first things he did was sign a bill to get rid of Obamacare, even though people have until the end of January to sign up and they are doing it.

Obamacare is not as good as the Socialist countries like Canada with single payer but it is better than what the Republicans have on the books which is nothing up to the time Trump took office, otherwise, he would have mentioned it.

I hope they don’t go back to what the Republicans used to have which the Democrats called the “donut hole” which doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions from childhood to age 65. I heard of a family that moved up to Canada because their child couldn’t get healthcare and I imagine that happened more than once.

Since Trump said he’s president of all the people, he’s going to have to talk about things like healthcare and not dismantling NATO and the United Nations. Since we’re all in this together and I’m not Trump’s slave, it’s going to be the role of the media to bring out the differences between the Democrats and Republicans.

No one has done this any better than Megyn Kelly did and she wrote it up in her new book “Settle for More” that’s just been released. She talked on the Dr. Phil show on Jan. 20 on the same day that the inauguration took place.

She has a high-rated program on FOX and she doesn’t run away from the tough questions, particularly the role of women in our society today.

Kelly got into it with Trump during the Republican primary debates. Also with Roger Ailes of Fox cable concerning sexual harassment because of the number of women Ailes exploited. To Rupert Murdoch’s credit, he did fire him.

It’s going to be interesting who the Democrats in Wisconsin are going to run next year to try to probably beat Gov. Walker.

On a national level, in two years from now, Democrats are hopefully going to have a number of candidates for president and I would personally like to see Sen. Elizabeth Warren run because she is on the Senate Banking Committee.”

(President Donald Trump’s latest accusation is blaming the media because they want to know why he is doing what he’s doing.  So, he’s continuing his blame game just like he did in the Republican presidential primary.  His latest complaint is that the election was rigged, which he has been on again, off again for the past year.  Right now, he’s back to blaming the media again.  Well, if he did a commission to look into it like he said he was going to do, he might find out that the Russians were more involved in trying to control the election through cyber leaks to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, which the FBI had discovered through the Russian cyber hacks of the Democratic Party.  We later found out the Russians tapped both parties but only released information on the Democrats before the election.  Later on, a dossier was released by Mr. Steele of England, which revealed that in 2013, when Mr. Trump took a beauty pageant over to Russia, Donald was spied on by the Russians.  There is talk of a complete investigation by both political parties , which President Obama started to do but with President Trump’s distrust of both agencies–FBI and CIA, I’m not actually sure what’s going to happen.  Donald Trump said his purpose in becoming president is to “Make America great again” and I hope he does but not at the cost of violating the Constitution.

LaVern Isely, Progressive, Overtaxed, Independent Middle Class Taxpayer and Public Citizen Member and USAF Veteran


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I'm a retired dairy farmer that was a member of the National Farmer's Organization (NFO). Before going farming, I spent 4 years in the United States Air Force where I saved up enough money to get my down payment to go farming. I also enjoy writing and reading biographies and I write about myself as well as articles and excerpts I find interesting. I'm specifically interested in finances, particularly in the banking industry because if it wasn't for help from my local Community Bank, I never could have started farming which I was successful at. So, I'm real interested in the Small Business Administration and I know they are the ones creating jobs. I have been a member of Common Cause and am now a member of Public Citizen as well as AARP. I have, in the past, written over 150 articles on the Obama Blog ( and I'd like to tie these two sites together. I'm also on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook and find these outlets terrifically interesting particularly what many of these people did concerning the uprising in the Arab world. I believe this is a smaller world than we think it is and my goal is to try to bring people together to live in peace because management needs labor like labor needs management. Up to now, that hasn't been so easy to find.
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