Liberal Trump Refusing to Pay Legal Fees for His Russian Scandal, Begging Others to Bail Him Out

The following is an excellent article written by Paula Kennedy on the Liberal website on July 30, 2017 titled “Trump Refusing to Pay Legal Fees for His Russian Scandal, Begging Others to Bail Him Out” and I quote:

“Trump Refusing to Pay Legal Fees for His Russian Scandal, Begging Others to Bail Him Out”

President Donald Trump has been surrounded by countless legal controversies ever since he took office earlier this year – and now it turns out he can’t afford the legal bills.

Trump is reportedly begging the Republican National Committee to fund a legal team to defend him against the numerous corruption allegations facing the president. Considering how many legal problems Trump has stocked up during his political career, the costs for defending him are certain to be in the millions.

What an utter embarrassment – Trump has billed himself as a billionaire and an excellent businessman, but now he can’t even come up with the money to cover his own legal defense.

Trump’s financial and legal trouble is going to end up backfiring on the Republican Party in a huge way.

If the Republican National Committee does agree to pay for Trump’s legal defense, it will deplete a huge sum of money from their legal fund.

However, that money is supposed to be used for the party’s own legal fights, like when there are recounts or contested results. If Trump eats up a chunk of that money, they won’t have as much to go around next time they need it.

Perfect – the Republicans are really shooting themselves in the foot on this one!!

The Washington Post reports:

Some in Trump’s orbit are pushing the Republican National Committee to bear the costs, said three people with knowledge of the situation, including one who euphemistically described the debate as a “robust discussion.”

Although the RNC does have a legal defense fund, it well predates the Russia investigations and is intended to be used for legal challenges facing the Republican Party, such as a potential election recount.

The RNC has not made a decision, in part because the committee is still researching whether the money could legally be used to help pay legal costs related to Russia. But many within the organization are resisting the effort, thinking it would be more appropriate to create a separate legal defense fund for the case.

As you can definitely guess, the RNC and the Trump administration have refused to answer journalists’ questions about their latest public controversy.

Trump is making himself look guilty as hell – time to remove him from office.”


LaVern Isely, Progressive, Overtaxed, Independent Middle Class Taxpayer and Public Citizen Member and USAF Veteran


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